International Sustainable Seafood Foundation Visualization
These graphics were created in Illustrator for the International Sustainable Seafood Foundation's annual "Status of the Stock" report. The aim of this report is to provide a succinct summary of the health of various tuna populations around the world. (more...)

Neuroscience Infographic
This graphic was created in illustrator. The goal was to present the findings of a complex scientific study in a way that anyone could understand without over-simplifying the process or results. (more...)

Productivity Analysis
This is a visualization of personal data that I collected about my productivity at different times of the day. For 8 weeks I kept a log of what I did for each 30 minute increment of my workday in a Google Docs Spreadsheet. (more...)

Cardiac Cell Modeling
I created this small web app to assist in a study being carried out by the cardiology lab I work in (Christini Lab at Weill Cornell). Without getting into too much technical detail about the models and the biology, the goal was to create a simplified model that reproduced the behavior of a more complex model. (more...)

Demographic Visualization for DC Action
DC Action for Children is a Washington DC based non-profit that aims to use "data-based analysis ... to promote policies and actions that optimize child and family well-being." Through the data scientist volunteer organization DataKind, I volunteered to assist in their "data-book" project. (more...)